Risk Assessments



Security Risk Assessment in protection of persons, property and business is to recognize any threat to people, property and business processes. The risk assessment goal is to prevent an adverse event through risk management. The document itself (Act on Risk Assessment in protection of persons, property and business) contains a number of measures whose application reduces or completely neutralizes risks. This Act offers solutions that in every sense, and especially the economic one, increase companies’ operating efficiency, by reducing potential material and human losses possibilities, raise the a company’s reputation and eliminate reputational damage.
Risk Assessments are prepared by a team of assessors, licensed for other areas of business as well (fire protection, safety and health at work, emergencies, information and technical risks). They have years of experience in the sector of private security as well as in military, police and other security structures.

Risk Assessment Managers

The Rulebook on the manner of performing technical protection activities and use of technical means (Official Gazette of the RS No. 19/2015 and 71/2017) defines the adoption of the Risk Assessment Act. In accordance with the Act, the Technical Protection System Plan and the Risk Assessment Management Project shall be adopted, the documents which are an integral part of the Technical Protection System Project. In case is there is no Risk Assessment Act in the protection of persons, property and business, the project documentation for a particular facility is not complete and in compliance with the Law.