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Physical security services for persons and property include the application of measures to protect VIPs, facilities and other property, based on a risk assessment. Protection of persons and property is carried out by combining physical and technical protection measures. The protection of facilities with the application of the above-mentioned measures and clear work procedures are defined by internal acts (regulations, instructions, orders, etc.). Značaj iznetog ogleda se kroz preventivno postupanje i sprečavanje nastanka štetnih posledica usled internih i eksternih oblika ugrožavanja.

Protection of persons and property

Protection of persons and property is our basic but not the only task. Our employees and management are available 24 hours a day in all emergency situations. Physical security is aligned with the security plan, security assessments and specific customer requirements.

Clear work procedures

Clear work procedures as well as rules on internal order, work and discipline have resulted in RE Security officers preventing a large number of internal and external thefts, initial fires and floods, illegal and negligent work and other incident situations.

Control operation center

The control operation center (KOC) is the heart of the system, where all data is collected and processed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it ensures continuity in the functioning of the security system. Monitors the state of the technical protection system and enables supervision of the work of security officers and, if necessary, undertakes urgent and necessary measures in order to prevent and remedy the resulting consequences. If necessary, KOC organizes the dispatch of a Support Team - Mobile Team in emergency situations.