Physical security



Services in manned guarding and personal protection include traditional static forms of security of facilities such as business and retail facilities, residential facilities and embassies, industrial facilities, banks and hotels.
Having in mind that the security staff reflects not only its own image, but also of a client it protects, conduct and appearance of RE Security officers is as important to us as the quality of their training and equipment.

Protection of property and persons

Protection of property and persons is our main but not sole task. Our officers and management are available 24/7 in all emergency situations. Physical security complies with the security plan, security assessments and specific requirements of a client.

Clear operating procedures

Clear work procedures as well as regulations on internal order, work and discipline enable RE Security officers to prevent a large number of internal and external thefts, initial fires and floods, illegal and negligent work and other incidents.

Control Operations Centre

The manned guarding services are, through communication systems (radio stations and mobile telephony), connected with the RE SECURITY Control Operations Centre 24 hours a day. If necessary, when emergency situations occur, the Control Operations Centre sends a Support Team – Mobile Patrol. The primary role of the Control Operations Centre is toprovide real time monitoring of security officers perfomance.